Current Goals


  • Stop the Illithids from creating chaos
    • Stop the High Lords of Waterdeep from exposing their identities
    • Stop the plots to publicly discredit the actual identities of the High Lords
    • Remove or hinder the Illithid power base in the city
  • Possibly provide services to the City to help with the defense
    • Training of the City Guard, new recruits, or specialized units
    • Provide tactical help to High Lords possibly unfamiliar with “siege” warfare defense
    • Provide or set up escape routes to safe places for people should defenses fail
    • Put Waterdeep in touch with other “pockets of resistance” in the world

Anauroch Desert

  • Protect the Great Library
    • Undead army led by the Alhoon is attempting the tunnel in
    • Destroy the army by one means or another or move the temple
  • Rescue Allie and Pallas’s tribe from the plague/Alhoon
    • Find the source of the plague
    • Find a cure for the plague
  • Investigate the Center for Trans-Mortal Research, Development and Application
    • Find the Eternity Treatment
    • Speak with Nichodemus about the plague



Current Goals

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