Pallas of Catori

Dragonblood, Just Slightly Off, Record Keeper, Immortal


Pallas is six feet tall with yellowish scaly patterned skin, sunbleached blonde hair, and amber eyes with vertically slit pupils. Despite these features, he seems human.

He is fully bedecked in equipment bearing the sigils of Sardior. To the informed eye, his clothing appears similar to that of a Cleric of Sardior, but with shadowy quality that the eye seems to slip off of. He carries a pistol and a set of wickedly sharp clawed gauntlets.

Pallas studies everything and everyone around him with a keen, almost bird-like interest. He exhibits a total lack of social skills, a tenuous understanding of irony, sarcasm, and humor, and a general lack of humility or empathy. He is vocal about his own superior intellect compared to those around him. Because of this and his physical appearance, most people find him profoundly offputting.


Born and raised in the nomadic Catori tribe in the Anauroch desert, Pallas was possessed of moderate psionic abilities (like the majority of his tribe). He was brought up worshipping Sardior and following his precepts. Pallas’ innate intelligence and keen thirst for knowledge made becoming a Cleric of Sardior a natural choice. His days before the psionic plague that wiped out his tribe were spent between his duties within the tribe and exploring the dangerous ruins of Netheril deep beneath the desert.

During the search for the cure to the psionic plague that was afflicting both him and his tribe, Pallas became the recipient of Nicodemus’ Immortality treatment, the full effects of which are still unknown…

Pallas of Catori

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